Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby I'm-A Want You

Last Sunday I photographed a 12-day-old baby. That was new to me; I've always done weddings or teen/adult portraits. And I got paid for it, which was nice. Here are a few. I can't explain my new preference for sepia-toned photos.

I can't wait to photograph my first grandchild (a girl) in a month.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

So Let it be Written, So Let it be Done.

Along with the much anticipated viewing of The Wizard of Oz around Halloween every year, and Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer at Christmas, a highlight of my formative years was watching The Ten Commandments annually at Easter. (We were nothing if not predictible.) My sister and I would gather together with Roger, the boy next door, for a viewing party. I secretly admired John Derek's bare chest, in whatever way an 11 or 12-year-old girl can, and we all memorized THE most important line in the entire film, spoken by Yul Brenner as Rameses: "So let it be written; so let it be done."

I write that to explain my bio-blurb over there to the right, which says I am a "screenwriter, photographer, artist and washed-up mechanical bull rider." These are the labels I've given myself, though the world may not agree. While it's true I've totally given up riding mechanical bulls, I was never as good at it as one might think. And it may be true that I take photographs, but I don't do much with them, and I certainly don't make any money at it. I've dabbled in oil paints, almost completed a very large self-portrait, and finished a few small oil and watercolor paintings, yet few people have ever seen them. And - in my head, at least, if not on paper - I'm writing the screenplay that will make me famous. Or at least able to quit my day job.

So call me a liar if you wish, but I cling to these labels as things which at least partially define me, and I've written them for anyone to see, so that they will be done.