Friday, December 26, 2008

Post-Christmas Stress Syndrome

To put it plainly, I look like dog crap. My eyes have packed their bags, and are ready to board the next red-eye. My fingers look like fat little sausages. This is my body's response to three things: too much sugar, too much salt, and too much stress.

How many times have I said to myself - I'm never going to be caught shopping on Christmas Eve again. I'm going to start Christmas shopping the day after Halloween, and have everything wrapped by Thanksgiving. Okay, maybe I haven't really ever been that ambitious, but I'd like to be.

Holy cow, it's raining AGAIN. I know this, not because there are any windows in my office (at work), but because I can hear the downpour on the roof. Plus I just peaked at Yahoo weather and it said Freezing Rain. Yay.

But back to my rehashing of Christmas. Usually, my family has a 100% gift success rate. But yesterday, five things failed to fit: the jacket I ordered for myself online (my husband marked the box To Laura From Laura and put it under the tree), a pair of insulated coveralls from my son to my husband, an insulated vest from my son to me, a pair of boots from me to my husband, and a set of floor mats I special ordered for my son's truck. And who do you suppose will be responsible for returning all these things? Me. It will be like having to go Christmas shopping all over again, only with even longer lines. Bah humbug.

On a lighter note *cough*, the first thing I did this morning at work was to look through the latest Associated Press slideshow from Iraq, to see if there were any pictures of my son. This is a habit very similar to buying a lottery ticket, and of course nothing ever comes of it. But it's nice to hope.


Susan said...

I am so sorry to hear about your big red horse. I'm sitting here at the teak topped desk working at my recent holiday pace of half speed and listening to the radio. Frankie Valli's "Your Just Too Good To Be True" just played and I thought to myself, that's what I'd sing to that big red dog if he were here beside me. During the chorus I'd sing at the top of my lungs and I'd change the word Baby to Noodle. I will love that dog forever and ever.

Thank you for your kind comment - it's such a comfort to know that you understand.

Much love from all of us here in Nova Scotia

Marchelle said...

Well, my flair fit just fine, thank you! =)

Have you started reading Twilight yet?!

anya said...

Sometimes I wonder why we still have Christmas. None of us seems particularly enamored of it. It's just one of those things that we've always done so we continue to do it forever, grumbling all the way!

Bring on the new year, I say....a whole new year before we have to do it again!