Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Five O'Clock Shadows

While looking at photos of Gerard Butler just now *ahem*, I ran across an article which said, "Researchers in Britain have found that women are more attracted to men with stubbly chins than those with clean-shaven faces or full beards – in fact, the fair sex prefers them for love, sex and marriage."

It's nice to have my own instincts confirmed. I've always been a fan of the five o'clock shadow, and the darker the shadow the better. I'm not, on the other hand, a lover of beards. Once the length of facial hair gets beyond a certain point, it stops being sexy for me.

This is about right:

Or this:

Beard stubble even makes what might otherwise be a baby face, acceptable:

And totally changes my acceptance of an actor, along with my perception of his skill:

(Oh, yes. Titanic, who?)

I will even accept it when a man's facial hair grows in a little white trashy:

(Especially if he is hot, to boot.)

But the award for the most perfect five o'clock shadow goes to this man, based on depth of color, panache, and all sorts of other adjectives:

I believe I've proved my point. You're welcome.


Urban Cynic said...

THANK YOOOOO.....!!!!!

Simon said...

It’s a relief to have my suspicions about your disgusting perversions confirmed.

By a curious coincidence my latest blog post includes a reference to Gerard Butler. I almost included a picture of him from the film Gamer, but didn’t want women salivating all over my carefully constructed prose.

MauritaMason said...

Well, Simon, that's the major difference between our blogs. Yours has carefully constructed prose. I'm forced to use salivatable photos out of necessity. ;)

Propoquerian said...

i think there is something about a 5 o' clock shadow that says "oh, sorry, i was just partying a little too late last night and...couldn't quite pull myself out of bed and away from my woman this morning in time to shave."

something like that;) i love them too

Pam said...

Oh my lord.*sigh*

wildstorm said...

I just love the five o'clock shadow too! Not a fan of beards although I allowed my husband to grow one a few years ago as an experiment.

Simon, we can always expect a well written image from your very descriptive blog.

Marie said...

Ok, any of those men can look hot just about any way shape or form.

Beards (I'm sorry bearded fellows) gross me out. I like clean shaven guys cause I can't stand my face feeling like its been worked over with sand paper after I kiss a stubbly guy.

The Master Skill said...

I also want to be clean cut. I don't think beard with look nice at me. I believe it looks untidy.:) great perception by the way, we agreed on this.

countrygirl005 said...

I completely agree!! Except for some reason I also think young, dirty farmers (with a five o'clock shadow of course) are pretty darn good looking. Haha..