Friday, June 03, 2011

Paper, Paints & Pens

When I was a girl, there was nothing more exciting in my life than the beginning of the school year and buying school supplies. Except maybe walking to the drug store in the summer to buy little spiral notebooks and pens.

Forty years later, I'm still excited when I buy office or art supplies. So I was really happy yesterday when I was cleaning out my email inbox, and discovered that I had never used a Staples e-gift card a friend had sent me months ago.

I went to Staples on my lunch hour - even before eating - and chose a little pack of Super Sticky post-it notes in bright colors (on sale), a small, magnetic dry erase board for my fridge (on sale), a pad of watercolor paper, a box of watercolor pencils (one of the greatest inventions since caveman paint), and a purple gel pen that the sales girl talked me into buying to round out the sale to beyond the value of the gift card because she didn't know what to do with my extra 9 cents.

And last night I came home, pulled out a sheet of the thick watercolor paper, set up a still life of a lone orange and two lemons, and transferred their image behind my eyes to paper.

Honestly, I'd forgotten a little what it feels like to create. Other than planting flowers, I haven't done anything remotely creative in ages. And that makes me cranky. And dull, and feeling as if I'm not really living my life. Oh, how quickly I fall back into the same rut, over and over.


Marty said...

Creating is a great thing… especially because you have a talent with words. :)

Urban Cynic said...

Like not blogging often enough! I love hearing about your life over in the States and sharing it with other people can be really cathartic; they often give you ideas and motivate you to keep on going or to try a new direction.

Write more - you're good at it!

MauritaMason said...

Hi Marty! Good to see you. And thanks for the compliment.

UC - I'm going to claim you as my number one fan. Thanks for always reading and encouraging me.

Fijufic said...

Welcome back. You have been missed!!!