Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I've Been Up To, Mostly

- Gearing up for my fifth year in a job I barely tolerate. On a bright note, it occurred to me that I'm putting in maybe 30 hours a week, and getting away with it. But I spend about two hours a day on the road, which eats up any gain.

- Adjusting to an empty nest. If you don't count my college son coming home every weekend, or babysitting for friends, or extra people occasionally for dinner.

- Senior portrait photography. I'm constantly comparing myself to the professionals with their $5000 Nikon cameras and their full versions of Photoshop, and of course I come up short. But I don't really do too badly with what I have, I guess, and the bonus is that it's a creative outlet. Here are a couple of samples:


Marty said...

Great to see you around Mauritia - email me sometime, I would love to hear about your screenwriting.

Anonymous said...

Very talented you are! I experience the same thing and even upgraded my Nikon. Glad to see you here again!!

KingOfPain said...

It's good to see you shooting! I've always thought you had a talent for it. Cheers!