Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poem Without Permission

Crash landings and small craft warnings
seeds and grasses in
the cross wind of the plains.
This defiance is perilous:
darting in and out
a ground skirmish
with a young buffalo, the size of a continent,
who seems not to notice
but who avoids stepping on any of us.

Huge and tiny

(copyright 1999 Rick Smith)

I discovered a wren's nest in one of the blackberry bushes last week. I think these are some of the most beautiful bird nests in nature because they are as well constructed as a woven basket, so small and tidy, and they're often built using hair from local animals. In this case, the mama bird used hair from my horse's mane or tail (the black). I'm not sure where the white hair came from - possibly a neighbor's horse - or maybe a long-forgotten artifact from a white horse I used to own. (How long does it take horse hair to biodegrade?)

The eggs are smaller than my thumbnail; the nest no more than two and a half inches across.

I'm sure I'll claim the nest when it's been abandoned, to add to my weird collection. At least I don't pin dead butterflies to cardboard, or something equally morbid.


Marchelle said...

I've never seen a wren's nest, or their eggs. So beautiful!

And I LOL'd at pinning dead butterflies to cardboard. Freaks. HA!

Linda S. Socha said...

Beautiful...and so delicate

Marie said...

I used to collect egg shells and feathers when I was little. Now I collect WWI postcards (bc that's all the WWI collectibles I can afford right now). I still occasionally pick up a Cardinal or hawk feather while I'm out on a walk. Nothing is too weird to collect if you love it :)


Very pretty. Love the colour of the eggs

Simon said...

I can remember being out on a walk once and coming across a family of wrens that had obviously only just left the nest. There must have been about nine or ten of them, and of course very cute-looking.

Fijufic said...

Nice pic. I don't think I have seen a wrens nest full of eggs before.

Punch said...

Nice Photo. I have a nest in my collection. Postcards are a passion of mine.