Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please acknowledge me.

I think it's human nature to want to be noticed. Acknowledged. To matter, somehow.

So today, on my birthday, please notice me. Please acknowledge that I survived not only birth, but another 47 years on top of that horrible experience, which I barely remember. In fact, I don't remember a lot of the 47 years that followed the horrid birth experience, but I remember that today is my birthday.

I had big plans for today! I took a vacation day so I could accomplish a huge list of things. Like, I don't know...really, I didn't write any of it down...but I was going to do, you know, stuff. A painting, maybe. Some photography. A little writing. Shopping. But then, precisely at sometime in the afternoon yesterday, a virus entered my bowels, and the virus has left me feeling weak, empty, and unaccomplished.

I did get to chat with my son in Iraq for quite a while, though, and that's a pretty good birthday gift.

When's YOUR birthday, so I can acknowledge your survival too?


Dorrie said...


I wish I could add a nice graphic, but unfortunately that's not possible.

I hope you have a great day. My birthday is coming up soon, too... Feb. 23. "Another year older and deeper in dept" hopefully not! {hugs}

Nautilus said...

Hey happy birthday!!!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday! Although since you have been not feeling well, I hope you are better tonight.

And yesssss! That was a nice birthday gift...the talk with your son in Iraq. (may he be safe and come home safe and quickly too.)

Oh, my birthday is July 11th....since you asked,lol.

Knifeboy said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope that you have a good one despite the virus. There is a lot of stuff going around. I hope you get a chance to pamper yourself a bit. Enjoy.

countrygirl005 said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Maurita! I'm so sorry that you're sick :( I'm horrible with birthdays.. I must get it from Grandma..

I'm glad you got to talk to Chase, I can't imagine how hard it is for you to have him so far away. It's hard for me just being an hour away.

P.S. at least you aren't 50 this year like someone I know is going to be ;) (hopefully she doesn't see this ha.)

Miss M said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I guess it is still your birthday there even though it's getting on for tomorrow here!

My birthday is 6th November & there is no way you are 47; I've seen your photos!

I refuse to work on my birthday; in fact I sometimes take the entire week off & go to Italy! I haven't worked on my birthday since I was 17 - I usually go into town, eat cake in a cafe, have my hair cut & buy myself a present (just in case you get rubbish ones) x

doanli said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you've had a great one. (And I don't remember my birth, and neither does my mom because she was knocked out, she says. LOL)

I hope you had a good chat with your son..tell him they are all in my thoughts and prayers.


Happy Birthday MM

I hope that your 48th year is a wonderful one. Great to hera that you got to chat to your son


Simon said...

Happy birthday, my beloved.

On at least three occasions in recent years I’ve forgotten it was my birthday until reminded by a member of the family. That’s when you know you’re getting old – or at least your memory has degenerated to the level of mine.

And I’m not telling anyone when my birthday is. A couple of years ago Natalie – Ella – wrote a journal entry dedicated to me, and headed by a charming picture of Denise Richards, but I have now become so old and confused I wouldn’t know what to make of such a thing.

Simon said...

P.S. Sorry – forgot to wish you a speedy recovery.

Marty said...

Happy Birthday to you - hope your health improves soon.

My birthday was at the beginning of this month and I was born in 1960.

May your year be full of blessings - my prayers for your son in Iraq,

elb said...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Maurita!

Moko 2.0 said...

Happy Birthday!.

AK™ said...

happy birthday :)

intelliwench said...

Happy Day - I hope you feel better so you can have a proper (or, if you so choose, improper) celebration soon!

I share a natal day with William Shakespeare, Vladimir Nabokov, and Valerie Bertinelli.

greeneyes67 said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it was an amazing one. And I hope you feel much better soon... Lots of love to you :)

Benita said...

Glad you got to speak with your son. (I can relate, as my son was once in Afghanistan. I never got to talk on the phone to him; just "snail mail".) Here's wishing you many more "Happy Birthdays" !!

MauritaMason said...

Dorrie, thanks! I'm making a note that Feb. 23 is a special day.

Nautilus, thank you!

Judy, I felt well enough to not refuse when hubby wanted to take me out to eat. Thanks for the wishes.

Knifeboy, if you consider lying around all day 'pampering,' I did plenty of that. Thanks.

Rachel, don't feel bad...I can be forgetful about birthdays, too. And I refuse to believe my sister is that old. She's still 21 to me.

Miss M, good for you for treating yourself so well! You're an inspiration. Thanks so much.

doanli, I don't remember my birth either, of course...but I do recall my first birthday. It was horrible because I had the mumps. Thanks for the lovely comment!

Lermie, I just know this will be the best year ever. Thank you!

Simon, thank you for giving me the Google keywords to discover your birthdate. Also, there can't be anything more lovely than being addressed as "beloved" by an English gentleman.

Marty, happy belated birthday! And thank you, especially for the prayers.

Liz, thanks! I'll try to remember yours!!

Moko, thanks!!

AK, thank you!!

intelliwench, April 23rd! You're in excellent company.

greeneyes, thanks for the warm wishes!

Benita, I can't imagine waiting on snail mail. I had to do that while he was in basic training, and it was nerve-racking. It left too much time to wonder what was happening to him. Thanks for the lifetime of birthday wishes!

TheLubeFaerie said...

Happy Birthday~
Hope you get over the bug quickly so you can at least enjoy the weekend. Mine is March 23rd :)

Marchelle said...

I'm a day late, so Happy After Birth. heh heh

I need to come down and bring you the little something I picked up!

Anonymous said...

I know I already said it, but "Happy Birthday, Lisa---I-mean!" Hope you are feeling better. The other L.

MauritaMason said...

Thanks, Lubie. I'm feeling better today. I'm making a note of your day!

Marchelle, ha! You know, I COULD at least meet you halfway. You know what the halfway point is, don't you? Olive Garden.

LisaLauraWhateverYourNameIs, thanks! I'm better just in time for the weekend. Let's see if I do something with it.

KingOfPain said...

I'm late...

So sorry...

...and I hope you're feeling better by now.

Your friend,

Philip the Phorgetter :(

wildstorm said...

Happy Birthday to you!! I hope it was everything you made it to be and more.

MauritaMason said...

KoP, even late is nice. Thank you!

wildstorm, it was actually pretty great. Thanks!

theredhead said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I am glad that you were born and survived the 48 years after that event so that I could look at your pictures and read your words.
My birthday is September 11th. People rarely forget it.