Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why I'm not Brilliant

Too many details clutter my brain. If I'm out getting Subway sandwiches for everyone, I know that hubby wants a six inch Philly Cheese Steak on white bread, with American cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise. CW (#3 son) wants his Philly Cheese Steak on twelve inches of Italian herbs and cheese bread, toasted, with American cheese, lettuce, onions, and yellow and green peppers. Then slathered with mayo. And J-dub (#2 son) will eat whatever I get for him...if he is even around to eat. And no one but me and J-dub will eat tomatoes.

Then we have everyone's social security numbers, account numbers, cell phone numbers, Army Brigade designation, and clothing sizes. With the exception of J-dub, the men in my family rarely buy clothing for themselves. Soldier buys the occasional t-shirt, but each time I see him, you can bet he's going to be wearing something I bought for him 4 or 5 Christmases ago. I don't know what he's going to do when he comes home for mid-tour leave in May, since all of his civilian clothes are in storage somewhere in Colorado Springs. Shoe sizes? From hubby to youngest son - 10 1/2, 10, 11, and 13. (Each time I grew a baby in my tummy, I figured out how to make it larger.)

On top of all that, I have to know that a #2 Engine Boroscope goes in the 2-4 hour block of an MD-10 B-check, and about a thousand other things.

So is it any wonder that I don't have room for Shakespeare, or Nietzche, or HTML?


Marty said...

What do you mean, that post was"brilliant!"

Marchelle said...

I can remember that my son was 6 lb11 oz and my daughter was 6 lb 6 oz, but I just had to ask my cousin Jessie, for the third time in an hour, where was it Amy moved to again?
For me, its not so much retaining the information as it is just paying attention to it when its given to me.

becomingkate said...

That's so true - between work and hubby and kids and the house, I've had to put off studying for my Mutual Funds license.
This year I'm training for two more products and I just can't fit another thing in this brain, lol.


I can't remember my own phone number (slrsly) so you are doing better than brilliantly

TuesdayPillow said...

No way, you are just making excuses soldier. Drop and give me a soliloquy!

Traytable said...

A blog which mentions white boots AND a boroscope... my kind of reading! ;)