Thursday, January 08, 2009

Vicodin Dreams

I stayed home from work all day yesterday, because my face felt like a used punching bag. I've never experienced anything like this, and wonder how my tooth got so bad. It's not like there is a visible cavity or anything; in fact, I think it's a tooth that my dentist worked on a couple of months ago, trying to save me from a root canal.

I tried to use the Vicodin sparingly. But pain can be a compelling reason to use it. And while I slept in the afternoon, I had a couple of very strange dreams.

In the first one, my husband brought to my attention what he believed was a dead chicken. The chicken was small and brown, and limp when I picked it up to carry it toward the house. As I stepped inside, it made a noise. I stuck my head out the door and said, "Would a chicken go "eep, eep, eep" if it was dead?

My husband answered, "It's just a reaction." I assumed he meant a reaction of the nervous system that can occur after death, like a muscle twitching. I didn't believe him, of course.

So I put the chicken in a cardboard box. It stood up and began to walk around.

I stuck my head out the door again and said (in a tone laced with a little disgust), "Would a chicken WALK if it was dead?"

Then the dream switched to twin tornadoes. Tornadoes in dreams are a recurring event for me, and I'm never frightened of them. Just fascinated. This time, the tornadoes ran nearly parallel to each other, offset enough that I could see them both. The detail was amazing.

I was just ready to jump in the truck to go survey the damage when I woke up.

Then I remembered the chicken dream, and went to give hubby hell about it. I'm still not sure I've forgiven him.


Pastor Larry said...

Wow what a dream.
So you hold your hubby accountable for actions in YOUR dreams?

Marty said...

I saw five waterspouts at one time (off the coast of Beirut, Lebonon) an amazing sight. I have dreamed about that sighting ever since...

Marchelle said...

I dream about tornados ALL the time, and I too am not scared of them, but fascinated and like I want to chase them or stare them down.

The chicken dream though...LOL...can't say I've ever had one like that!

MauritaMason said...

Pastor Larry, not really. I only do it to tease him.

Marty, I'd love to see a waterspout in person.

Marchelle, somehow, I figured you're a tornado dreamer, too. :)

theredhead said...

My boyfriend has made it clear that he is tired of being held responsible for things he does in my dreams.
Hope you are feeling better very soon!

Simon said...

You should go back to your dentist and demand that he prescribe you antibiotics. Threaten to blackmail him with allegations of sexual misconduct if he doesn’t.

I think that possibly the worst pain I’ve ever been in was due to an abscess just behind a tooth – that is, it was a gum infection, not the tooth. I was just about clawing my face off with the pain. I was very dubious when the dentist just gave me a prescription for amoxicillin, but it worked within a few hours.

MauritaMason said...

trh, that's funny. But sometimes it's difficult to separate the emotions they provoke in dreams from the way we're supposed to feel when awake.

Simon, I DID demand that he prescribe an antibiotic, and he did. The pharmacist said it was a rather strong one, too, but it doesn't seem to be working very fast.

Halcyon Grace said...

HA! I am so glad to see other ladies do this too!

gaily said...

hi fellow dreamer...I'm thinking chickens do walk post-getting their heads chopped off, right? (I'm not a country girl but I've heard stories from my grandmother) hope your tooth gets better very soon.

TuesdayPillow said...

I've had dreams like that ... takes me a whole day to get over something else someone hasn't actually done sometimes.