Monday, January 11, 2010

Call me The Light Bulb Bandit

After an already shitty day, my husband informed me this evening that the new owner of our former house (our former landlord's son) is telling people that we took all the light bulbs with us when we left.

Well...light bulbs are expensive. And I'm so frugal (NOT) that it only makes sense that I would steal light bulbs that might be considered "fixtures" by someone else.

No, I didn't take your f*&^%ing light bulbs, you douchebag. The only fixture I can think of that didn't have light bulbs in it when I left was the ceiling fan that hasn't worked for 15 years.

People are idiots.


Marchelle said...

I have a whole drawer full of those hideous spiral fluorescent ones if he wants them.

Though my husband says they are more efficient, I was more than happy to take them out and put incandescent ones back in at my realtor's suggestion. =)


What a dickhead!

Dorrie said...

here in Germany rented apartments don't have ANY light fixtures when you move in, you have to provide all of them yourself. When I move out, I'm taking all of them with me, too.

P.S. I hate those spiral "bulbs" with a passion! I'm hording the old fashioned light bulbs for when they are no longer sold.

becomingkate said...

People just make up random shit.

countrygirl005 said...

I have an extremely funny story about the spiral flourescent ones, but it's kind of vulgar so if you want to know I may be able to send you a message on facebook. LOL

Marie said...

When I moved out of my last apartment there apparently were four light bulbs that had burned out. I didn't know since one, I like to conserve energy and two (the main thing) my power got turned off. They gave me a bill of 4 dollars a light bulb. Fun stuff!