Friday, September 26, 2008

The absurdity of it all.

Haven't written much here, obviously, but not because I haven't wanted to. I had hoped to make this journal a little more positive than my other one - a place for lightness and art and maybe photography. Well, I don't have time for any of that. Actually, that's not a fair statement. I would have time if I made those things a priority, but then (surprisingly!) everything else would go to hell in a handbasket.

Today I've had to deal with less artistic things like why we received a certified letter from our bank, why the BMV told my son he has 6 points on his driver's license, whether our insurance agent sent proof of insurance to the bank that sent us a certified letter. Yesterday, I was on the phone calling every pawn shop in Colorado Springs trying to find one with an HP laptop, because while my son was in sniper school in Georgia, someone stole the one he bought in June while he was home on leave. SURPRISE! Not. It happens every time he's gone for missions or training. The poor guy...he has had to learn early that life sucks. I try desperately to encourage him to have a positive outlook on life, but it's a little hard to get to him through the black cloud that constantly hangs over his head.

It has occurred to me before that perhaps "bad luck" is a method the universe uses to let us know we aren't in the right place or on the right track. It's either that, or God really, really wants to shape us into people with a lot of character and strength.

Have you ever had a run of bad luck? Continuous tragedies? If so, what do you do to remain positive through it all?


Marchelle said...

No luck on the laptop, huh? What about his gear, I guess that won't ever be recovered...
I had never thought about it the way you explained it though, about maybe being in the wrong place. It makes sense, but I can't imagine him being in a different place.

You'll have to keep me posted on #2's DL situation. That just doesn't make sense. I'm sure with harvest coming up and all the hauling he'll be doing, his dad is sweating it making sure that's all straightened out.

Are we still on for Sunday?

MauritaMason said...

Nope, no luck on the laptop. Whoever steals this stuff is really good at getting rid of it.

I'm definitely ready for Sunday!