Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things to Do Today (After Work)

1. Wash all the dishes I didn't do last night.
2. Laundry: about 5 loads? haha, this makes me laugh.
3. Clean Bathroom. Already done, at 5:30 this morning. Don't ask me why. Of course I was 30 minutes late to work.
4. Wash, peel, slice, and freeze about 20 50 pounds of peaches. I spent most of last weekend doing this with peaches from another tree, the one I consider a "rogue" because it sprouted from a pit I threw to the chickens about 10 years ago. Oddly enough, those peaches, though smaller, have a much sweeter flavor than the ones from the tree I spent fifty bucks on.
5. GET OFF THE COMPUTER!!! (Just a gentle reminder)
6. Get to bed early. (Again with the reminder.)


Marchelle said...

my peaches rotted off the tree over a month ago. it was the first year we had them. they were small, a little too firm, but sweet.

MauritaMason said...

It took my trees many years to get it right. And after numerous bough-breakings, I finally learned to cull a lot of the peaches early so the branches aren't too weighed down.

Anyway, I'll bring some frozen slices for Christmas dinner. :)