Friday, March 19, 2010

The Outlaw Jesse James

From the beginning, I've observed with some curiosity the love affair between actress Sandra Bullock and motorcycle builder Jesse James. It seemed to me the classic bad boy/good girl combination, which is rarely a good idea. But I wished them luck.

Over the past five years of their marriage, Sandra has blossomed. I'd been thinking recently - especially while watching the film The Blind Side - that being in love has given Ms. Bullock an inner glow she didn't really have before. Add to that her recent box office successes, and she appeared to be on top of the world. We women are suckers for love; you only need to look at the popularity of romance novels to see this. And this woman was clearly in love.

But now, the rumor is out that Jesse James had an 11-month affair with this woman:

I can't know what went through the man's head when the alleged affair began, but I suspect it was something like this: I need to take a shit. I don't feel like shaving today. I'd like something to eat and a cold beer. I want to have sex with something - preferably a woman my wife, but she is off making a film and this tattooed chick seems to be more into me than Sandra does at the moment.

So here we have a hint about several things:

1. If you want to have a husband, a man might be a bad choice.
2. You should never place all of your happiness in the hands of another person (man or woman).
3. There's no accounting for taste.


Urban Cynic said...

Strange, I've been thinking about this couple that I don't know quite a lot today - this (cheap, marriage-wrecking tart)woman has a tattoo on her FOREHEAD! I think Sandra should make Jesse get one too. I think it should say 'cheat with poor taste'

I think I've made my views on cheating quite clear in my blog post... Nasty people.

Propoquerian said...

I agree with #2 and #3 easily--If i am not doing things that make me happy OUTside of my relationship, like seeing friends, writing on my blog! going on excursions by myself, I am not happy IN my relationship either. Taste is...unpredictable. My mom wears banana republic, ann taylor, and basically all beige. His girlfriend...we're talking rine stone jean jackets, polyester tops that lace up and are tighter than a undersized condom, and huge platform flipflops. I think we have a somewhat similar situation to Miss Bullock here and her boy, no?
as for man as um...not coming up with other options. but you could just move out of California (or at least i'd have to) and get a wife!

Propoquerian said...

***by HIS girlfriend, I meant my FATHER'S!!! sorry

Simon said...

I think you're being terribly jaundiced about what is clearly a true romance.

Marie said...

I think that when he cried during her Oscar speech, it was because he felt guilty.