Monday, March 29, 2010


Her lips were berry-stained and ripe. In her arms she held a basket brimming with summer, and summer was in her. It twined around the crown of her dark head, and tucked itself behind her ears. She danced through the dewy grass with lithe grace to the music of birdsong, clutching the basket to her breast like a lover. She sang, and the sun cleared the clouds like a smile.


MissScarlet said...

I love this!

Propoquerian said...

you really got all the sensations in there!

this reminds me of the MayPole dance, a summer tradition in my mother's native country Sweden.

When i was little I would join, and women would hold hands in and dance around a pole in a circle, all wearing a crown of flowers on their head, and usually a necklace of them around their necks.

I feel like you would love the maypole dance:)

Linda S. Socha said...

I love this one....I feel I can step into it and dance!!

Simon said...

Aw. I like it. Very charming.