Sunday, February 22, 2009

quivering with each moment like a drop of mercury

On days like this, when the sun taunts us with a warm but faraway smile, I like to dust off my garden books and look at the pictures.

These (rephotographed and cropped) photos are by Richard W. Brown, from the book Tasha Tudor's Garden:

I love the striped, red parrot tulips.

Peach ruffles.

I'm wishing I'd planted tulips in the Fall!

I've always thought peonies were underrated. Fortunately, there's a cemetery full of them just down the road from me.

Ahhh, peaches. But I won't wish the summer away by looking at them too long, or too longingly.



Peaches - makes one want to make a Bellini - well it is Monday morning. I can't even pretend that I'd be able to look after a garden bed for a week - so maybe books are the way to go!

Judy said...

I love those peach ruffles :)

Of course I love the real peaches, too!

Beautiful photos.

MauritaMason said...

Lerm, you always make me laugh. I agree - books are much easier to take care of, and they rarely wilt.

Judy, the book they're from is really a visual treat.

Dickingtonbar II said...

i saw my first bumble bee of the year this weekend... working its way around the crocusses in the garden

MauritaMason said...

That's awesome, db. We don't even have crocuses yet!