Sunday, February 22, 2009

T-Mobile Subway Event

No doubt my (three?) British readers have already been inundated with this video, but it's possible the rest of you haven't.

What follows is a commercial shot for T-Mobile, in Liverpool Street Station on January 15, 2009. I'm not sure anyone who was there could've had a bad day after seeing this.


fragilewisdom said...

That was fun.


That was really cool!

Urban Cynic said...

It's on here every hour; we get some good adverts here. If you like that one you should check this one out. x


It could possibly have been improved by a Rick Roll!

Pastor Larry said...

Now that was inventive.

Simon said...

I have to thank you for that; I rarely watch ads, and missed it. It pains me to admit it, but some ads can be great fun to watch, even if their aim is simply an attempt to market products.

By the way, though Liverpool Street does have a connected London Underground station, this is the main line station, not the subway.

Marchelle said...

Just to show you how 'woman' [read: hormonal] I am, this made me teary-eyed! *shakes head and laughs*
Seriously, it was just the thought of everyone being happy together and the ones who had no clue what was going on joined in as well!
Definitely puts you in a happy mood!

MauritaMason said...

fragilewisdom, wasn't it, though?

Miss M, that made my eyebrows hurt!

Lerm, never gonna give you up!

Pastor Larry, I thought so too.

Simon, I don't know the difference between a main line and a subway, except that one has to do with heroin and one serves sandwiches.

Marchelle, I got all teary, too. There's no shame in it. Weepy women, unite!

theredhead said...

I cannot tell you how much that just made my day. :D I got a little teary eyed too.